Vibroplex Straight Key Blue

Meet my first Vibroplex.

Vibroplex standard straight-key with the “Race Blue” powder-coat paint.  Chrome parts and a black Navy-style knob.

Decided to upgrade the old Chinese Army straight key.  I’ve not owned many keys, but in time perhaps I’ll do a proper review of this gem.  I coast along about 16-22WPM and not even close to being a guru on the subject.  So I thought I’d just chat about it in “unsorted fun” for a bit.

Here’s a great page to learn about many of the different types of Morse code keys.

I chose another straight-key since I don’t use it “live” often and rarely go over 20WPM. About the max on a straight-key anyway, no?  Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I prefer an s/k over any other style I’ve tried.  The CW Touch Keyer comes in a close 2nd.

The Vibroplex is like butter compared to the military one I just retired.  But, underutilized at the moment.  It’ll be connected to an oscillator (practice keyer), not likely to be on the air any time soon.  I bang out a paragraph or two a few times a week and convince guests to tap out their name or SOS.  (Thus the cheat-sheet you see in the pic above.)


As most of you know by now, I don’t transmit much on HF of recent.  I’m more a SWL the past year or so, but the ham ticket gets justified on occasion at other locations.  I monitor a lot of utility stations and love to plot signals onto maps.  Well, I don’t, the radio, computer and software does, but I help.

Yet I have logged hundreds of CW amateur radio QSOs.  Plus the hours I spent in that little green box in the military (Army 05D).  My first ham ticket was Tech+ (with code).  I don’t hate the mode, I just don’t love it enough to dig in deep.  But this key will certainly make my practice more enjoyable.  It’s on my bucket-list to nail down the FCC commercial radio Morse code exam/s.  This year I expect, but the GMDSS test is first. Got my MP last year.

I hope to enjoy the experience along the way.  It’s definitely a “keeper”.
Check out Vibroplex’s selection here.

Thank you for visiting!  Feel free to hang around or visit again soon.
73, de k2ncc


©2016 Frank Ravenswood

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