I haven’t monitored ADS-B in a while… airplane tracking.  Thought I’d share a bit of my setup for that mode.

Here’s what I woke up to from turning it on (blank) last night. Virtual RADAR Server

The software…ADS-B Software ADSBSpy Virtual RADAR

(Some of) the hardware…K2NCC Airspy ADSB Filter 12V LNAThe filter, blue one pictured above:

The receiver, of which I’m sure most of you know of already…

What an ADS-B signal looks like on the waterfall:

eBay store I bought the LNA (low noise amplifier) from:

Although I’m using a discone at the moment, here’s the ADS-B antenna I use otherwise.

A little sample of the software from my POV….

Earlier example, same software, longer and more detailed…

Here’s a cheap SDR dongle, specifically for ADS-B….

And just as fine, better if you’re using more than ADS-B, another very good RTLSDR dongle by NooElec:

Free Virtual RADAR Server software here:


Spy the friendly skies!


vy 73, de Frank K2NCC





©2016 Frank Ravenswood

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