About this page

k2nccprettylights2015a_smallBefore starting this page, I asked a question others might have:  “In a world full of so many blogs, do we need another?”

Perhaps we don’t. Time will tell if my words will benefit anyone. But I do need a place to gather my thoughts, share the joy of radio and other hobbies, and to personally connect with my readers. Which currently are all over the web, thousands of pages for K2NCC.

I think it’s time to culminate the past, and home the future of my hobbies and interests. What more logical place to do so than K2NCC.com.  Welcome to my world! Please pull up a chair and get comfy.


If you’re here, chances are some of these are you hobbies and interests too. I hope to make your visit is interesting and educational. For both of us!  I know so many of you that have for me.

I hope to provide a place that not only educates, but entertains. Here I will share my projects, reviews, and various ramblings.  Although other subjects will be covered, it will mostly be about radio.  Amateur, commercial, .mil, .gov, digital modes, software defined radio (SDR), satellites, etc.   What an immense playground, the RF spectrum! And there are so many tools at our fingertips to use it.


I will do my best to keep the pages easy to read, fast to load, and a casual, enjoyable experience. Too early to speculate on how the page will develop, but if it’s here, it’s interesting to me. Hopefully I’ll share it in such a way to intrigue you as well.

frankk2nccworkbenchworking_smallAlthough I might appear to some as if I know what I’m talking about, always verify before doing anything I do. I try to offer thorough descriptions and pictures, diagrams, etc. But I do prefer to have fun in the shack vs work in a lab. With that attitude, sometimes results may vary.  Unless you match specifically to what I do, almost certainly will be.  However, you can count on me being logical, careful, fair, and willing to accept failure and criticism.

I’ll also dabble in other interests. Occasionally you might also find articles from others shared here.

someinterests001_small.jpgI’d prefer you to enjoy what I do. Perhaps avoid what I haven’t. Therefore my projects are often also product reviews. I’ll avoid advertising as much as I can. Anything needed to do as I have done will be hyperlinked someplace in the article. Likely an inventory of items used at the end, making it easier for you to do what I did.  A “shopping list” for anything not already in your inventory.

solderworkstationairspy001_smallSometimes those links will include a code for me to receive a small portion of the sale, so keep those in place when you can.  It’s seamless and the price will be the same to the buyer.

When enough is in the coffers, it goes right into another project, product review, how-to guide, article, etc. If you wish to help directly, I’ll have a donation button up later, or contact me via this site. My QRZ.com info is also current.

I can also be found on Facebook and Google+.

Thank you for your support. If you wish to loan or gift me something to evaluate, you’ll find I’m very fair in my reviews. But be warned, if it’s crap, I’ll say so.  Rare, but happens.

Finally, I want say thank you to all the gurus who’ve convinced me to do the things I’ve done. Without their tools, hardware, code, guidance and tolerance, I would have so much more free time. Thank you for filling it with joy and fascination!

Please see About the Author to learn more about the man behind the keyboard.

Very 73, de Frank K2NCC



©2016 Frank Ravenswood


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